ingredients langoustine-caviar-brioche-apple-lemongrass-monk-s-beard

Serves 4 portions

For the langoustine:
Medium Scottish (allow 3 per portion) 12
Caviar 30g
For the Bisque:
Olive oil 50g
Onion (finely chopped) 100g
Tomatoes (diced) 300g
Lemongrass (crushed and finely sliced) 15g
Ginger (puree) 5g
Tomato puree 30g
Langoustines cloves, heads (head matter removed) and shells 12
White wine, boiled for 2 mins 500g
Whipping cream 100g
Shellfish stock (or fish stock) 800g
Cognac 15g
Lemon juice 10g
Butter 100g
For the Brioch:
Loaf of brioche (500g) 1
Langoustine bisque 300g
Fresh free range eggs, (medium) 4
Salt 4g
For the Thai shallots:
Thai shallots 20
Water 125g
Red wine vinegar 125g
Castor sugar 90g
Star anise 1
Sprig Thyme 1
Clove Garlic 1
For the lemon grass oil:
Fresh lemongrass 20g
Kaffir lime leaf 5g
Lime zest 3g
Rapeseed oil 120g
Lime juice 10g
Salt 1g
For the Granny Smith Apple puree:
Granny smith apples 2
Monk’s beard 100g

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