Crab serves 4


Recipe serves 4
Native white crab, picked х 400g
Radishes, Sliced and julienned х 6
Fresh Mayonnaise 100g
Zest of one Lemon
Golden Beetroots 700g
Candy Stripped Beets 200g
Sweet Juicing Tomatoes 1kg
Garlic, Cloves, Smashed х 3
Basil, Sprigs Bruised х 4
Double Cream, Whipped to Soft Peak. 100ml
Bunch of Chives, Finely Chopped х 1
Cress and Seasonal Sea Vegetables
Gelatine Leaves х 2
Chardonnay Vinegar 150ml
Neutral oil 100ml
Olive Oil 100ml


1.Peel and Dice 600g Yellow Beetroot, Cook in salted Water until Soft, Blend until Smooth. Add Cream and 2 Leaves of Liquefied Gelatine and Season to Taste.

2.Set in to Four Serving Bowls and allow cooling for 1-2 Hours in Fridge.

3.Blitz Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil to Chunky Consistency and allow to Drain through Fine Cloth for 1-2 Hours, Activate with 1 Gelatine Leaf per 500ml, set a Thin Layer of Now Jelly on Top of Golden Beetroot in your Bowls.

4.Mix Crab, Lemon Mayonnaise and Radishes with a Tbsp of Chopped Chive and Set Aside.

5.With Remaining beets, Slice Half the Amount as Thinly as Possible and Macerate with some of the Dressing.

6.Finely Dice the Rest and add Chardonnay Vinegar, Chives, Season to Taste and serve.

Chef Richard Cubbin

Richard is the Executive chef and director of food service at Alison Price, London’s (if not the UK`s) leading outside caterer.

Richard heads a team that looks after the likes of Music legends such as Elton John, “A” list Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, and has cooked for her majesty the Queen, to name but a few.

Creative, dedicated and passionate, Richards past experience has seen him work at leading London establishments including top gentleman’s club the Garrick to the opening of Euro Disney Paris.

Richard is also an international Taste and Quality Institute Judge in Brussels.

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